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Opening an affiliated FANTASIA® shop

Franchising is a contract by which the owner of a brand allows its utilization to a retailer. In the specific instance, the firm sells the brand, the products and, more generally, the know-how. In this case, Fantasia is the brand, we have exclusive rights on these products that, together with our knowledge and the experience of the staff form our know-how.

Besides the products, Character will also supply to the affiliated the setting and the furnishings (layout), according to precise and strict criteria, in order to optimize the space available in the shop. The associate, instead, will grant Character the capacity to develop the whole project, that includes, first of all, the purchase of the furnishings , the supply and the payment of entry fee. Character will supply the shop with exclusive licence items of the world of cartoons, the direct contact with the public, the marketing, granting in this way a sure success.

The affiliated who intends to open up a shop Fantasia must have his own shop (rented or bought) of at least 60 square metres, placed in the historic town centre with a catchment area of at least 40,000 inhabitants or in an important shopping centre. Success will also be guaranteed by the location of the shop in an area with an intensive pedestrian crossing.

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